frequently asked questions

  • 01What is the purpose of Ethiopian Family Business Forum?

    The purpose of the forum is essentially to establish a locally relevant family business management practice to help Ethiopian Family Businesses [EFB’s] grow and become sustainable.

  • Conduct continuous research to create locally relevant knowledge on managing a family business. Run a flagship annual forum, and periodic workshops to learn from global best practices and subject matter/industry experts.

    Serve as a venue for a community of support where peer family businesses can converse on an ever-changing business landscape influencing their progress.

  • Companies who have been in business for a very long time and who are in verge of transitioning their business to the second generation.

    They can also be family businesses already being run by 2nd/3rd generations.

  • Family business owners, business schools, family business research centers, relevant government ministry offices, and financial institutions.

  • HST Consulting PLC is the brand owner and organizer of the forum. The main actors of forum are the family businesses themselves. HST plays a facilitation role.